The Palisades Park Public Library has computers for public use. To access the computers, patrons must have a valid Palisades Park library card or a valid BCCLS library card. 

Printing, Faxing, Copying, Scanning

Printing is available for patrons who have a valid Palisades Park Library Card or a valid BCCLS library card. Patrons can only print from our public computers. We do not offer wireless printing from personal devices.

Meeting Room

The Palisades Park Public Library is a community resource providing access to information and a facility where ideas are exchanged.  To encourage this, the meeting room is maintained in the Library.

Reference Librarian

What does a Reference Librarian do?
Find books and other items
Answer general questions
Answer questions about our materials and services
Find resources
One-on-one assistance
Homework help
Make recommendations
Answer technology questions and provided instruction
Help locate addresses, phone numbers, and other local information

And help patrons with whatever else they might need!

What is a Reference Librarian’s goal?
Our goal is to do what we can to help YOU!

Asistencia para hablantes de español

La Biblioteca Pública de Palisades Park está aquí para ayudarte.

Trataremos de ayudarte en lo que necesites.

Llama y has una cita ahora al 201-585-4150

Ayuda disponible con las tareas para niños!

Museum Pass

Welcome to the Palisades Park Public Library Museum Pass Program. These passes allow Palisades Park residents to visit museums with FREE admission. Please review our Museum Pass Rules below before making your reservation.

Museum Pass Rules
-Passes must be reserved online using Museum Key
-Patron must be 21 & over to reserve a pass
-Must be a Palisades Park resident with a library card in good standing (no fines, overdue items, etc.)
-Passes will be loaned out for 7 days, including day of pick up
-$3.00 per day will be charged to your account if the pass is returned late
-You may only reserve 1 pass at a time
-If passes are lost or not returned, your account will be charged $100 to cover the replacement cost of the pass
-Passes must be returned inside of the library and may not be placed in the book drop
-Passes are non-transferable
-You must bring your library card with you to the museum

Please note that due to COVID-19, museums may have different rules in place. Please contact the museum directly for more information.


1. Lending is open to Palisades Park residents, 18 and older, with a valid Palisades Park Public Library card with no fines or overdue materials.


2. Hotspots may be borrowed for 14 days with NO renewals. Only one hotspot may be borrowed at a time per household. Hotspots cannot be reserved if you have one actively checked out on your library card. Requests can only be made 14 days after your first request.


3. Mobile Hotspot kits can only be checked out and returned at the Palisades Park Public Library circulation desk, in person, by the individual who is borrowing the hotspot. Hotspots may NEVER be placed in the book drop. If damage occurs because of this, the borrower is responsible.

4. There is a $5 late fee for each day the hotspot is not returned on time. Service will be turned off if the kit is not returned by the due date. Fines will accrue until the device is returned. If the device is lost, stolen, or broken beyond repair, a $120 fine will be charged to your library account. Damaged items associated with a hotspot will be determined by the library director based on current market replacement costs from the provider.

5. By agreeing to borrow a hotspot, the borrower is agreeing to take full responsibility for the physical equipment on loan, as well as any and all issues or damages resulting from use of the hotspot kit.

6. The Palisades Park Public Library is not responsible for any damages resulting from patron use of the hotspot, including, but not limited to, damage to a computer or other device for which a patron may use the hotspot to access the internet. The Palisades Park Public Library is not responsible for information accessed using this device or for personal information shared over the internet. Hotspot users are encouraged to follow safe internet practices.

7. The Palisades Park Public Library reserves the right to refuse service to patrons who abuse equipment or who are repeatedly late in returning the hotspot. 

Sprint is the service provider for the hotspots. You can check their coverage map here to make sure you will have service with the mobile hotspots.

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