Meeting Room

Meeting Room

The Palisades Park Public Library is a community resource providing access to information and a facility where ideas are exchanged. To encourage this, the meeting room is maintained in the Library.

​The Library does not endorse the views expressed by any group using the meeting room, but does endorse the right of those groups to express their views as long as they abide by the policies and rules governing the use of the Library meeting room.

The Library’s meeting room is primarily intended for the Library’s use and for programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library. Priority is given to Library events, then other Borough functions, and finally, to community service and non-profit organizations. Preference is given to regional and statewide groups when there are no schedule conflicts. The secondary function of the meeting room is to provide a facility for activities sponsored by local and non-local, non-commercial, non-profit organizations and individuals.

All meetings to be held on Library premises are open to the public. No admission may be charged. No solicitation or collection from the public may be made during any program held in the Library.

All meetings must end no later than ½ hour before closing, unless a waiver has been given by the Library Director and special arrangements have been made. Depending on availability, a maximum of four program dates per year may be requested by non-profit groups or organizations.

Meetings will always have present at least one adult who is responsible for the participants’ conduct. An adult is a person 18 years of age or older. Meetings must not be for more than the number of persons the room can safely contain.

Only light refreshments may be served. Smoking is not permitted in the Library. All groups are expected to leave the room clean and as they found it. Three will be no wagering, gambling, or games of chance on the premises. The use of open flames or candles in the meeting room is prohibited. The program being held cannot differ from the originally proposed program without prior approval by the Library.

A donation of $200 is requested for each use of the Meeting room by commercial or for-profit use. There is no charge for meetings held by non-profit, government or library-related activities.

All publicity shall carry the name of the organization sponsoring the Program. The Library shall not be identified or implied as a sponsor without the specific written consent of the Board. The Library will not supply materials for posting or distribution announcing meetings. Attaching signs, posters or other materials to any exterior or interior wall shall not be permitted without the approval of the Board or its delegate.

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