Museum Passes

Museum Pass

Welcome to the Palisades Park Public Library Museum Pass Program. These passes allow Palisades Park residents to visit museums with FREE admission. Please review our Museum Pass Rules below before making your reservation.

Museum Pass Rules
-Passes must be reserved online using Museum Key
-Patron must be 21 & over to reserve a pass
-Must be a Palisades Park resident with a library card in good standing (no fines, overdue items, etc.)
-Passes will be loaned out for 7 days, including day of pick up
-$3.00 per day will be charged to your account if the pass is returned late
-You may only reserve 1 pass at a time
-If passes are lost or not returned, your account will be charged $100 to cover the replacement cost of the pass
-Passes must be returned inside of the library and may not be placed in the book drop
-Passes are non-transferable
-You must bring your library card with you to the museum

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