The Library has Acoustic Guitars available for borrowing. Please review our rules for guitar usage before clicking the Registration Link above. If you have any questions, you can email Thanks!

1. Lending is open to Palisades Park residents, 18 and older, with a valid Palisades Park Public Library card with no fines or overdue materials.

2. Guitars may be borrowed for 14 days with 2 renewals. Only one Guitar may be borrowed at a time per household. Guitars cannot be reserved if you have one actively checked out on your library card. Requests can only be made 14 days after your first request. 

3. Guitars can only be checked out and returned in person at the Palisades Park Public Library circulation desk. Guitars may not be returned in the book drop or left outside the library; if damage occurs because of this, the borrower is responsible. Guitars are non-transferable. If you allow someone else to use the guitar and they damage it or return it to you late, you are responsible for replacement and late fees.

4. There is a $1 fee for each day the Guitar is not returned on time. Fines will accrue until the Guitar has been returned. If the Guitar, or its Case are damaged, lost, stolen, or broken beyond repair, a $200 fine will be charged to your library account. Damaged items associated with a Guitar will be determined by the library director based on current market replacement costs from the provider.

5. By agreeing to borrow a 6 string Acoustic Guitar, 3 picks, strap, and its Case, the borrower is agreeing to take full responsibility for the physical equipment on loan, as well as any and all issues or damages resulting from use of the Guitar.

6. The Palisades Park Public Library is not responsible for any damages resulting from patron use of the Guitar. The Palisades Park Public Library is not responsible for any injuries that may occur when using the guitar.

7. The Palisades Park Public Library reserves the right to refuse service to patrons who abuse equipment or who are repeatedly late in returning the Guitar. 

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