Meet Our Staff

Katie Piano

Assistant Director

Katie has been working with the public of all ages at the library for about five years. She enjoys the toughest reference questions, teaching individuals how to use technology, reading stories to toddlers, and buying new books for the library. When she is not at the library, she enjoys cooking, listening to countless podcasts, and planning her next Disney vacation.

Rachel Stephenson

Head Librarian

Rachel has been living and working in Palisades Park for about five years. She loves answering people's questions, working with Pal Park's awesome teenagers, and going out into the town to tell people about the library.  On her time off, she enjoys playing video games and hopping on the bus to NYC for adventures.

Allison Tansey

Program Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Allison has been working for the Palisades Park Library for more than ten years, taking on various roles throughout her time here. She enjoys arts & crafts and Lego club, coming up with new and exciting library programs and ordering the latest movies and video games. When she is not at the library, she enjoys baking and going to the movies. 

Carol Yang

ESL Program Coordinator

Carol has worked with ESL adult students for more than 15 years.  At the library, she teaches and coordinates the ESL program.  One highlight of her job is working with different cultures and learning about their customs and traditions. She enjoys teaching Tai Chi Chih twice a week to the community. Outside of work, Carol likes to see community theater performances, take trips to the beach, and enjoys long and short distance travel.

Dae Young Kim

Library Assistant

Dae is one of the newest employees at the library but he is already making a positive impact on the community. Stop by the library any night and you will find Dae at the front desk willing to help anyone to find what they are looking for. He focuses on item circulation and Korean language assistance. He really appreciates that the library community has given him a very friendly welcome. During his time away from the library, Dae enjoys traveling and exploring new places. He likes to play soccer and is a big Manchester United F.C. fan.  

Darlene De Santis

Tech Services Manager

For more than 20 years at the library, Darlene has helped launch the library into the digital age. She loves being creative and finding new ways to engage the public online. She has the unique ability to say she has touched every single book in the library! She prepares every book so they are ready for the public to take home and read. She enjoys ordering books and being the first one to see what is new, especially when it comes to children’s books. When she isn’t working hard at the library, she enjoys photography, birding, playing guitar, and spending time with her cat, Cheezeburger!

George Dontas

Staff Assistant

George has been helping the staff at the Palisades Park Public Library for more than ten years now. He ensures that every book a patron requests is unpacked and ready to be picked up. He enjoys spending time with his coworkers and keeping everyone updated on local news, fun entertainment facts, and the latest sport scores. When George is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, swimming, watching movies, and collecting baseball cards.

Jose Chicas

Front Desk Assistant Manager

Jose is one of the first people you see when you walk into the library. Working at the front desk for more than a year now, Jose has the opportunity to greet everyone who walks through our doors. He enjoys meeting new people from the community and having the unique opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. If he isn’t at the front desk, he is helping the Spanish speaking community of Palisades Park at homework help after school. If you ever need a movie recommendation, Jose is the one to turn to! When Jose is not at the library, you can find him watching the newest movies. He also enjoys trying new and interesting vegan food.

Juliana Yew

Distribution Coordinator

Juliana is the one to turn to when looking for items in the library! She helps locate and distribute books to all patrons. Since 2013, she has helped with loans, distribution, and Korean language assistance. She loves helping people whenever she can. In her free time, she loves exploring the world and traveling as much as she can. Golfing and hiking are two other of her passions.

Lim Park

World Language Outreach

Lim has helped with the growth of the library’s Korean collection significantly since 2008. She focuses on collection development, programming for children and adults, and world language outreach, especially within the Korean community. She is passionate about finding the next great book to purchase for the public and enjoys lively discussions during book club. When she is not working at the library and helping the community, Lim loves to play the saxophone and play golf.

Suejli Contreras

Front Desk Manager & Outreach

Sujeli has been welcoming patrons to the Palisades Park Public Library since 2014. As the Circulation manager, one of Sujeli’s main goals is to keep the front desk a welcome place for patrons. You can always find her checking out materials, helping children with homework and projects, and assistance the Spanish community of Palisades Park. When she is not busy helping patrons at the library, she loves to spend time with her family.

More bios coming soon!

Agnes Kim

Library Assistant

Jin Park

Library & Program Assistant

Junior Orellana


Mario Simon


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