Drawing Classes for Adults

We are pleased to host One River School of Englewood for this Beginner Adults Drawing Series. Below are the  class offerings. All are welcomed and no experience is required. Space is limited so please be sure to register to each date you desire to attend.  All materials will be provided. Physical distancing and masks are will be required.

Tuesday, November 3th  – Still Life Drawing – 1-2PM – Click Here to Register
○ Students will begin to learn the fundamentals of drawing from observation
through drawing still lifes.
○ They will grasp concepts of positive and negative space, use basic
measurements to gauge proportions, and will sight angles to determine how
objects relate to horizontal and vertical axes.

Tuesday, December 7 -Scale and Perspective – 1-2PM – Click Here to Register
○ Students will learn principal aspects of visual scale and proportion. They will
learn one and two point perspectives using a horizon and vanishing point.
Students will implement their knowledge of foreground and background into the

Tuesday, December 14 – Natural Elements – 1-2PM – Click Here to Register
○ Students will learn how to create natural textures to describe trees (branches,
leaves), grass, plants, flowers and other elements of nature.
○ They will learn to use gradients and pressure to create line weight or soft/hard
marks in order to create spatial distinctions

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